30 Days in May / 1

By Tarryl Plain

May 9, 2016

Posted In: Spiritual Wellness, White Rock, Yoga

Tips and considerations to ponder before you start our 30 Day Yoga Challenge May 16th – June 14th 2016!

1. Schedule it in ~ Write it down, put it on the fridge, stick it on your bathroom mirror. It helps and it makes a difference.

2. Find a Yoga buddy ~ Bring a friend! Hold each other up! Nothing like a good pal to light that fire under you everyday!

3. Attitude of gratitude ~ Attitude is everything. I was in a class once long ago where the teacher gave us the percentage of people in the world who actually have the opportunity to practice yoga in a beautiful studio setting. Since, I have not been able to find that number but trust me – it was LOW. Appreciate your opportunities and gratitude will flow out of you and offer an overwhelming sense of abundance and energy!

Look for next weeks blog post featuring 3 more supportive ideas for your YOGA challenge!!

May all of your obstacles be removed and may you receive many blessings for your new beginnings!blog1

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