30 Days in May / 2

By Tarryl Plain

May 16, 2016

Posted In: Spiritual Wellness, White Rock, Yoga

Here are your next couple of tips for the upcoming challenge! Please note the date change! May 16th – June 14th 2016!

4. Take care of yourself ~ Eat well, sleep well, go to Yoga and repeat. Yes there is jobs and family and tons of other distractions in between. If you get back to basics of nutrition and rest, you will find a new source of energy, one that will sustain and power you through. Yoga helps you sleep like a rock anyway!

5. Daily inspiration ~ Affirmations, quotes, whatever works. Maybe even make a small vision board. Again, write it down and pin it up! Only you know what inspires you! If you feel lost, take some quite time to reconnect with your inner compass!

We are looking forward to sharing this Journey with you and your soul!

Remember – It is not about being good at something, it is about being good to yourself!

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