5 Tips To Keep Your Hair Colour Vibrant While Floating

By Jeff Cellier

August 25, 2016

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By Lisa Hau
As an avid floater and hair stylist, I understand a big concern out there in the float world is damage to the hair and color fading due to the salt water. I would suggest waiting a few washes after your fresh color to float as with most semi/demi permanent hair colors out there, the color molecules are large and sit on the surface of the hair. This means the first initial layers of color are likely to wash off the most in the first few washes. Here are my Top 5 tips to take care of your hair before & after your floats to maximize your color & keep your hair looking shiny and healthy!

Use Professional Color-Safe Shampoos and Conditioners at home. They are made specifically to protect hair color, while adding moisture back into the hair! With an array of diverse products, finding the right shampoo/conditioner (S/C) for your hair can help to target specific needs. For example, Blue S/C is used to reduce brassiness for brunettes, Purple S/C keep blondes looking brighter, Red S/C adds red pigment back every time to keep the reds looking vibrant!

Use a Color-Safe Clarifying Shampoo & a Protein Building Deep-Conditioner soon after each float. A clarifying shampoo is different than an everyday shampoo because it helps to break down product build up, remove dirty & in this case, properly remove the salt. Using a protein-infused deep conditioner will help to repair damage to the hair by reconstructing each strand while giving the hair some much needed hydration!

Use a Heat Protectant. Before blow drying or running any hot tool through the hair, it is important to use a heat protectant. Usually this comes in the form of a spray, lotion or serum and can either be purely a heat protectant or built into a product such as a volumizer, detangler, or hairspray to name a few. As the name suggests, it is used to help build a layer around the hair to protect it against heat damage.
Use Natural Bristle Brushes. If you use a brush of any kind while blow drying, it is crucial to the maintenance of your hair color to be using natural bristles. They will help to give shine to the hair by smoothing out the cuticles. And unlike metal brushes, will not add another dimension of extra heat to the blow drying process, allowing the hair to dry with the least amount of damage.

Use Warm to Cool Temperature Water. Slightly warm showers will help keep the cuticle of your hair open to get rid of the salt. Hot showers will cause excessive damage and fading of hair color fast- think washing clothes in hot water over and over again. And then quickly rinse over with cool water to close up the cuticle and keep the color in. (The same goes for washing our face and body as our pores close up in cool/cold water).

Whether you float regularly or not, it is essential to invest in high quality products to maintain the longevity of your color and the overall health of your hair! Be sure to ask your stylist to educate you on the best products for your hair type and what it is specifically you are looking to target. Or feel free to pop by my shop and ask one of us- we’re glad to address any questions you might have in person! Have the rockin’ hair you want & Happy Floating!