65 & FIT HEALTHY and Living

By Bev Matushewski

October 9, 2018


Posted In: Fitness, General Health, Nutrition

HAPPY 65th BIRTHDAY JUDY! 💪😁👊 Judy Langmuir from Toronto Ontario just turned 65 and rocking it in more ways than one! In 2014 Judy received international recognition as an IsaBody Finalist for her transformation in the Healthy Aging category. Judy continues to be an inspiration for many of what’s possible at any age with our nutritional rebalancing program. Here’s some of what Judy has shared….

“This program helped me feel AWESOME – fit, energized and happy again! If it worked for me, trust me, it can work for you, too! I remember when I knew nothing about nutritional cleansing and stayed very quiet on my first cleanse day. This past week, I completed a 2-day cleanse, during which I did a vigorous weights workout on day 1 and a challenging HIIT and core routine on day 2…AND I FEEL FABULOUS!!! This system is a game-changer for your health – physically, mentally and financially, too, if you simply share it with others!!”