Are Your Children Active Enough?

By Griffin Lockyer

October 21, 2015


Posted In: Langley, Surrey, White Rock

Being active is a part of being human, so it is a big part of child development. Not only does your child have to develop mentally and emotionally, physical literacy and strength is also a large part of development.

With technology becoming more popular by the day with younger and younger kids, hours spent active are decreasing at a fast rate. It is important to schedule or encourage active play with your young ones.

Let’s talk about physical literacy first. Literacy isn’t just learning to read and write, there are certain physical tasks and movements our bodies need to thrive and be healthy and efficient. It is important to give freedom to your children to jump and hang off things and run around freely. Our ability to move safely and efficiently is an intrinsic skill we have when we are born but as our lifestyles become more sedentary and our once supple tissues become adaptively stiff and tight due to prolonged hours in poor positions (sitting, leaning, slouching) our bodies don’t have the ability to function properly through these movement patterns. Find a program that teaches and encourages these movement patterns (squatting, bending, pushing, pulling and pressing things overhead) and get your child on the right track to development.

Now for some bone talk. We all need strong bones and as we age it gets increasingly harder to develop bone tissue. Learning to jump and land and lift things builds bone, which if started at a young age will dramatically reduce the chance of developing osteoporosis later in life. Just like our muscles adapt to strength training by becoming bigger or stronger so do our bones. Jumping and landing, builds more dense bone tissue leading to a stronger bone. So encourage your kid to skip the last step on the stairs or lift up that big rock and help them to become stronger, they need it!