Joanne Mulhall

Core Wellness Solutions



In assisting individuals on the path to superior health, we are helping people to be and actualize the best of who they are. This positively affects their life and the lives of those they love and connect with every day.


  • To listen attentively
  • To honour each person at the current place on their path
  • To co-create well being
  • To learn as much as teach

Wellness is a journey that is embarked on every day by the choices we make, in the thoughts we think, the words we speak and the actions we take. What are the best actions for you to take today?

Each positive action builds on the previous one, thereby strengthening the foundation of our bodies and our being. Acknowledge where you are.  Be grateful for the ability to always make better choices to move forward.  Be committed to where you wish to go.  Be patient with yourself.  Understand that healing takes time as you choose to renew and reinvent yourself.