Tarryl Plain

  • Yoga & Memory

    Aug 16, 2016 | By ,

    YOGA & MEMORY ~ HomeMotivational MondayYoga & Memory ~ [A-] | [A+] Yoga and Meditation Boost Brain Function In Aging Adults New Study Shows By: B Grace Bullock, PhD, E-RYT 500 I wanted to share Read More

  • The ART of setting Boundaries …..

    Aug 9, 2016 | By ,

    Again inspired by the infamous YOGA Journal magazine – I’ve entitled this post the ART of setting boundaries. At the best of times ” setting boundaries ” can take an enormous amount of skill. When Read More

  • Are you an Empath?

    Aug 2, 2016 | By ,

    I was recently very inspired by an article I read in the well know publication YOGA Journal. It was entitled ” Building boundaries from the inside out ” I was immediately hooked! Who doesn’t need Read More

  • Stability in life through yoga & meditation …

    Jul 4, 2016 | By ,

    Do you ever feel like your life is totally raging out of control? Everything seems to be coming at you all at once and you wish you could run and hide until it all passes? Read More

  • Community LOVE …

    Jun 8, 2016 | By ,

    For many people community is a sense of cohesiveness. For generations, an individual’s community served a vital role in terms of offering camaraderie and acting as a support system. With our society today moving at Read More

  • SHE’S OURS! Desiree Dawson…

    Jun 1, 2016 | By ,

    It is no secret that it takes courage, commitment and sometimes a lot of patience for your dreams to come true… But in the case of Westcoast Hot Yoga Teacher Desiree Dawson’s, all those things Read More

  • 30 Days in May / 2

    May 16, 2016 | By ,

    Here are your next couple of tips for the upcoming challenge! Please note the date change! May 16th – June 14th 2016! 4. Take care of yourself ~ Eat well, sleep well, go to Yoga Read More

  • Make your soul Happy.

    May 14, 2016 | By ,

    Our 30 Day Yoga challenge starts up May 16th and it is time to feed your SOUL! Here are a few last tips before we all get on the mat and DO THIS!!! Find a Read More

  • 30 Days in May / 1

    May 9, 2016 | By ,

    Tips and considerations to ponder before you start our 30 Day Yoga Challenge May 16th – June 14th 2016! 1. Schedule it in ~ Write it down, put it on the fridge, stick it on Read More

  • Preparing your body for the 30 day challenge!

    May 4, 2016 | By ,

    Preparing your body for the 30 day challenge! Stay hydrated. Your body is made up of around 75% water. It needs that water to keep so many functions in the body on the up and Read More