Basic Dance Etiquette

By Makai Genovese

October 16, 2015

Posted In: White Rock

I thought I would keep things simple and write just a few basics.

People who Ballroom dance are generally very kind people. If everyone participates in treating each other respectfully it’s to assure that everyone is having a good time.

What to wear
Wear a smile and if you don’t want to smile just have a friendly attitude. Make that a choice you make. People can sense good vibes.

The Dances

Ballroom: The Waltz, Fox Trot, Tango and Viennese Waltz dances travel counter clockwise called Line of Dance. If you’re a beginner do try to make your way into the center. If your intermediate the middle lane, if your advanced the outer lane.

Latin: Samba travels counter clockwise around the dance floor. So does Paso Double and sometimes Meringue.

Latin & Swing : Cha Cha, Rumba, Mambo/Salsa, EC Swing and Bolero are stationary dances and can be danced anywhere on the dance floor. WC Swing is danced in a slot.

Quick Step is a Ballroom dance and travels counter clockwise. Sometimes people want to dance Swing because the music style and tempo can sometimes feel the same. If you’re at a Social dance and you really want to dance Swing please do so in the center and not in the Line of Dance so that the dancers can enjoy their Quick Step. This also avoids collisions.

Just have fun dancing
No corrections or teaching on the dance floor! When your dancing for fun who cares if there is a miss step or a lead that didn’t go right? People have asked how it is that I can teach and social dance if I ever have the urge to correct people. Not at all it’s like any other profession. Would a Dental Hygienist go out after work and look at everyone’s teeth? When I’m out I’m just having fun. When your out just have fun no one should be correcting you and it’s not your job to correct them either. Keep the corrections and teaching at the studio and leave it there.

What is acceptable is sometimes a Lead will dance with a Follow who doesn’t know the counts and he can still dance with her by counting for her.

Couples generally just want to dance with each other. Men who have a partner prefer just to dance with her.

Men (Leads) should take lady by the hand or arm to the dance floor and after the dance he should walk her to her seat.

For Women (Follows) always thank your Lead for the dance. If you are single try to accept as many dances as possible. By following different leads your following skills will improve and you will have more fun.