Becoming Aware Of Ourselves | Loretta Michelle Flores on #WhyWeFloat

By Jeff Cellier

June 30, 2016

Posted In: Adventures, Community, Entertainment, Spiritual Wellness, White Rock

This is an excerpt from my personal float journal from a few months ago. Naming one of the many reasons I love floating..

These sensory deprivation pods I work with have aided in a major directional change in my being.

Deprived of input from the outside world.. the tanks provide a place of both complete solitude and complete unity with all universal consciousness.

At first it’s somewhat of a reflection of recent experiences in my life, outcomes, decisions, and interactions with others. And then I begin to detach.

This detachment is beautiful. I detach from the raw, natural emotions of a human and am able to look at the life I’ve lived from an outside point of view. Very subjectively but from a broad scope. As if I’ve re-attached to the energy of the universe and am just looking at progress.

It allows exploration and study of the entirety of the human experience; why people go through what they do, what it means, why they react to what and when.

It makes me AWARE of these reactions that, too commonly, create emotional disturbances or turbulence in our lives when they don’t mesh completely with the world view of another human being.

Once the awareness of these (used-to-be) automatic reactions is brought to my attention then I’m able to change the course of my life and change the way I interact with others.

This awareness is the knowledge that so many of us seek.

The knowledge of our internal intentions enables us to love on an unconditional level, because we understand more where others are coming from. What they are seeing and believing.
It’s all about building the bridges of understanding of the human emotional body..

We must love. We must build. We must grow.