Choosing the right phone mount for your truck

By fittek

October 23, 2017


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Own a truck? Here are the best spots to mount your phone, according to your truck’s make and model (pictures included!).

The California bill prohibiting hand-held cellphone use while driving, AB-1785, came into effect at the beginning of this year. Similar laws exist in thirteen other states including New York, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada. Despite phone mounts being the law, there are still many people who continue to drive without phone mounts. When we spoke to a few people to find out why, we discovered that many found phone mounts for cars and trucks to be obtrusive, expensive, and difficult to use.

For truck owners it can be especially hard to find a reliable location to mount your smartphone device. Some of the mounting devices for sale on the market actually block visibility, ultimately doing more harm than good if you’re driving. No worries, it doesn’t have to be so difficult! To help truck owners who are ready to purchase a phone mount, we looked at some of the most popular truck models to find the best spots to mount your phone to your dash. The list below shows truck owners the best spots to mount their phones (and the accompanying hardware to do it).


Ford F-Series

Ford F-Series Raptor car phone mount
In the new Ford Raptor there is plenty of room on the spacious air vent to stick Rokform’s universal air mount.


Where to put it: Driver’s side air vent

Which mount to use: Rokform Universal Magnetic Vent Mount

As the most popular truck brand in America by sales, we had to find the best spot to mount smartphones inside Ford trucks. Ford takes advantage of the dashboard in its F-Series trucks by placing a feature in nearly every square inch of usable space–this is great, but leaves little room for installing any sort of mounting. Luckily, the air vents are well-located and well-sized. We were able to easily mount Rokform’s universal magnetic vent mount onto the top slot of the air vent.

For older Ford F-Series trucks, the best place to mount is still the center driver’s side air vent. The air vent itself is a bit smaller, but the vent clip has no problem grabbing onto the air vent slats. There’s also plenty of space to install Rokform’s magnetic dash mount.

Ford F-150 magnetic phone mount
Rokform’s universal air mount easily fits onto older Ford F-Series air vents, too.


Chevrolet Silverado

Chevy Silverado best phone holder

With the Chevy Silverado, you have mounting options–Rokform mounts work for the air vent or just left of it.

Where to put it: Driver’s center air vent or just left of it

Which mount to use: Rokform Universal Magnetic Vent Mount or Rokform magnetic dash mount

With the Chevy Silverado, you get the best of both worlds. The large air vent works perfectly with Rokform’s vent mount without cutting off your air conditioning source. There is also an open space immediately left of the driver’s side air vent, which easily fits a Rokform magnet. The magnet mount has an adhesive backing so you can easily mount it to your Silverado’s dash.

Dodge Ram 1500

Dodge Ram phone holder truck

Where to put it: Driver’s side air vent

Which mount to use: Rokform Universal Magnetic Vent Mount

Like the Chevy Silverado and the newer Ford F-Series trucks, Dodge Ram trucks have well-sized center air vents that work well with Rokform’s universal vent mount. Stick the mount on the top slate so airflow won’t be blocked by your phone and you can stay cool.

More on choosing the right product

Without considering the many different Rokform cases available, there are two great mounting options for truck owners, the universal vent mount or a Rokform case.

Magnetic phone case with car mount

Rokform Universal Magnetic Vent Mount (includes 2 adhesive plates that attach to phones without Rokform case) – $19.99

Rokform smartphone case (includes one magnetic dash mount) – starts at $39.99

You can mount your phone to your dashboard using either option, although our research across Ford, Dodge, and Chevy trucks found the universal vent mount to be more, well, universal. If you don’t own a Rokform case (yet) and are torn between purchasing just one product, either an air vent mount or a Rokform phone case, we recommend the Rokform case. The initial cost may be a little more but ends up being more valuable because it solves multiple problems by protecting your phone, adding magnetic functionality, and mounting to your truck dash with the included magnetic dash mount. For us, the added value is worth it.

How to install and use

Installing the vent mount is simple and quick–just push the mount onto almost any vent with even pressure. For best results, use any Rokform magnetic case to secure your phone. But if you don’t have a Rokform case, no worries! Every Universal Magnetic Car Vent Mount comes with two coated steel adhesive plates that can be easily mounted to any phone or generic case.

Magnetic air vent phone holder for trucksford_raptor_square