Crystal Healing… Woo Woo or Science?

By Lynda Wylde

July 7, 2017

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Crystals… a basic introduction into how they work. 

Is there any reason to believe that crystal healing is anything but airy fairy woo woo? Sure there is. I just want to give you a tiny introduction into my understanding of crystals and crystal healing. I hope this piques your interest enough to do your own exploring into the world of crystals.


First the Poetic Woo Woo…

I not only wrote this next verse, but I feel it in my heart. It expresses my love of crystals. But I know a lot of people want facts and need to understand what the fuss is all about. Keep reading (after my pretty words) and I will do my best to explain crystal healing as I understand it… in a nut shell.


Throughout the history of the earth, crystals

and people have shared a long romance.


For thousands of years, lovers have been wooed with

these gems. From quartz to diamonds, they are all crystals.


Stories of Atlantis, Lemuria, and Camelot all share

a wonderful connection with these stones.


Some crystals are as old as the earth itself. Just imagine

if those stones could talk! What epic stories they would tell.


Healers from ancient times used these gifts from the earth

to aid in their practice. You are the healers of today and

may your stories be told with great acclaim!


The Way I Understand it… Some Facts About Crystals.

There are three types of rock (listed below), all of which have partial or all crystalline structure within. A crystalline structure is a unique arrangement of atoms that are arranged and repeated to form a precise crystal lattice or crystalline structure.

Igneous rock is formed through the cooling and solidification of lava. A good example is Obsidian.

Sedimentary rock is formed by the accumulation of small rocks, minerals, and organisms cemented together. A good example is sandstone.

Metamorphic rock is formed by adding heat and pressure to any type of rock. A good example is diamond.


Six Different Crystalline Structures or Lattices.

Isometric aka Cubic, Triclinic, Hexagonal, Orthorhombic, Monoclinic, Tetragonal. Then there is the Amorphous classification. It is non-crystalline, meaning it lacks the arrangement of atoms in a repeated form, aka crystalline structure or lattice. A good example of Amorphous is obsidian. There are literally thousands of minerals in the world and these crystalline structures can have any number of minerals combined in one stone. Each crystal is amazingly different.


Let’s Put a Few Things Together… More Fun Facts.


  1. Quartz crystal is one of the most common minerals on Earth. It has a lovely hexagonal lattice. Quartz is also piezoelectric, meaning that if you squeeze a quartz crystal, it generates a tiny electric current. If you pass electricity through quartz, it oscillates at a precise frequency. Quartz can also store information. This is why it is used in electronic devices. Yes, there is quartz in your cell phone.
  2. Our body creates electric energy that can be measured with scientific instruments. There is an electromagnetic field around our body (that is also measurable) that can extend 4 to 5 feet around us. I say can, because when we are physically or emotionally unwell our energy field shrinks. Some cultures call this energy field an aura. Call it a carrot if you want, it is still an energy field around the body. We are like big batteries, and like big batteries, the energy field around the body is not oscillating in a precise frequency… for whatever reason.
  3. Entrainment… What is that?… It’s physics. The basic law of entrainment is if you have two or more oscillating energies near each other, the lesser or more unstable energies will synchronize with the more powerful and stable oscillating energy. One good example is a clock pendulum. Put dozens of clocks in a room, swing their pendulums in all different directions and speeds. Eventually all the pendulums will synchronize. It’s physics.


So if you add up all three, you can see that your body’s energy field can be (modified) synchronized with that of a crystal just by having that crystal in your energy field. It does get more intricate than that, but it gives you the idea of how crystals work with your carrot… I mean your electromagnetic energy field.


I hope this piques your interest enough to do your own exploring into the world of crystals. I will have more articles and to share soon. Thank you for reading.


–by Lynda Wylde