Detour Into Fear

By Terry Shea

April 21, 2017

Centre for Spiritual Living White Rock

Posted In: Spiritual Wellness, White Rock

Two thoughts have been rattling around in my head this week that I want to be set free of: they are last week’s lecture title, ”Map out of Hell”, and ”When in hell, don’t stop and buy Real Estate.”

The entire purpose of fear is to make us forget where our good comes from and transfer our trust from self to something outside of us. The mechanism itself is so subtle and clever that it boggles my mind. It does it precisely by having us do what it says we should do, and then live with the imagined consequences. Here’s an example.

I am worried about my finances, business is slowing down, or I’ve lost my job or… When I was doing well I remembered daily that God, my deep self, is the source of all Good. Now that I am afraid, I am persuaded by circumstances and the ego’s reaction to these circumstances to go back to a previous pattern. I transfer my trust from Cause to condition, and then get afraid that the condition is not reliable because it is not real. My instinct is a good one. Don’t rely on the outer illusion (don’t buy Real Estate). Don’t listen to the advice of ego. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid. Once I transfer my trust to the untrustworthy, my problem becomes the very one Job spoke of in the Book of Job from the Tanakh, ”For the thing which I did fear is come upon me, And that which I was afraid of hath overtaken me.”

Isn’t it interesting that the power of an idea fueled by fear is enough to move us so far from our good; in fact, is able to detour us into the very realms we didn’t want to visit.

So, what is the solution? Easy! Do your spiritual practice and pay attention to it more scrupulously than normal. If you skip your practice make a note: I didn’t want to meditate today. I could have gone to class but I skipped it. I really didn’t want to give to the Centre this Sunday. Ask yourself what is this about and note the answers you get as you watch like a bird dog for the Truth. In short, note your resistance and find out what it is about.

Then do your practice the way you want to or feel drawn to in a way that increases your comfort level rather than decreasing it. Give ‘til it hurts” is only good to a point. The real value comes from giving or anything because something in us feels good about it. Find out what that something IS. Job did!

Soothe your ego; remember he is really your adaptive child grown up and now sounding suspiciously like your parents. If you could or would confront your parents for their ”unskillful parenting” would you shame them, beat them, force them to face their greatest fear, or would you kneel before them? Would you meet him or her face to face, hold his hands, look into her eyes, ask what she is afraid of, help him understand that he or she is bigger than fear?

Finally, cultivate habits that TRULY make you feel good. Don’t focus on what you don’t want and especially don’t focus on what you do want and want IT more. The ego is an expert ”wanter”. That is why his promptings are the major source of our addictions. Wanting something and putting your attention on it are not the same. I can focus a lot of attention on a 2-year- old in the grocery line at SaveOn without wanting one. Letting go of upset and feeling the absence of it, feeling the peace, silence and stillness in that moment, for in that moment is a joy you will never get from ”wanting peace.”