Did Someone Say Samsung Galaxy S8?

By Rokform

July 18, 2017


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Did Someone Say Samsung Galaxy S8?

Doesn’t it feel like yesterday that we were talking about the incredible Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge? Now it’s once again we’re gearing up to hear all about the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung has used the Mobile World Congress (February 27 – March 2, 2017) as its normal platform to launch its new smart devices but has opted out of this year’s MWC for a launch that is rumored for later in March. And CNET is reporting to not get too excited before April.

All of this extra wait must be for something monumental, right? Well if you haven’t seen any of the rumored new features for the S8, you’ll want to read on for our top 5 list of what’s to come for the Galaxy S8.

Samsung Rumor #1 – Infinity Display

The Samsung S7 debuted the “edge” option last year and was greeted with huge success of the sleek option. With that success, it is rumored that there will only be an “edge”-style device that will feature an even more infinity-type of display.

Samsung Rumor #2 – Two Sizes, Same Style

Like we mentioned with the Infinity Display, all of the S8 devices will come with those beautifully curved edges. But what will be different for the S8 is that there is rumored to be two different device sizes. Similar to what other makers have done, they will give the user the option when it comes to what screen size they will want.

Samsung Rumor #3 – Will there, won’t there be a headphone jack

After Apple’s innovative design change to remove the headphone jack on its Phone 7 lineup (um in case you didn’t know there is no traditional headphone jack), it has been rumored that Samsung is considering the change as well. But there are too many reports to actually confirm at the moment if Samsung will join Apple and ditch the traditional headphone jack.

Samsung Rumor #4 – Iris Scanner

Apple upped the security game with its touch ID feature that uses a fingerprint scanner to allow for device unlocking, but Samsung upped its game with the introduction of the Iris Scanner security feature in the Note 7. It’s rumored to be bringing the feature to the Samsung S8 series.

Samsung Rumor #5 – A New Camera

With most people using their smart devices to capture life’s special moments, the camera quality is looked at as one of the more important features. Samsung is rumored to be making big upgrades to its already crisp and powerful camera, but whether they will be using the dual-camera setup found on the iPhone 7 and other devices is still unclear.

While the Galaxy S8 won’t be launched as early as its predecessors, it’s truly the most anticipated device so far this year. We know Apple is going to have something up its sleeve and it’s definitely a constant battle for each manufacturer to up its game. And the winner time after time is the user – US!

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