Dinners Together Go Along Way For Family Connection

By Joanne Mulhall

September 19, 2018

Core Wellness Solutions

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Here it is Fall again! The summer has gone so fast, as all summers seem to do, and it’s back to school, back to a more focused routine AND back to joining classes, clubs and all the kids activities and sports that come with September registrations. This can feel like a very overwhelming and chaotic time, because it is, especially when you have a child in school. I remember after we had our third child and clearly the activity roster was looking quite full for our then 7 year old and 4 1/2 year old: swimming lessons, dance lessons, piano lessons, parent participation nursery school. When I started my health training and practice 2 years later, and my husband was travelling a lot with work, something had to give.

I took a good look at all the activities and decided one activity per child per season was all we could manage – and some overlapped so there was always a few weeks of heightened chaos.
One routine stayed as steady as possible most nights of the week and especially on the weekend; dinner together as a family. For me, it was a priority that added some grounding time to the busy lives we lead. I credit my husband coming up with a fun go around at dinner for all of us to share: what was the high of your day?, what was the low of your day? Another check in was: what are you grateful for abut your day? These questions got us all talking and sharing about the good and the bad, but especially for the kids. It got them away from one word answers to questions that we tended to ask, which was “how was your day?” (good/fine) . “did you have a good day?” (yes/no).

The other thing we did, almost without fail, was Friday night pizza movie night. We ofter made our pizza’s, but not always, and it was a sure way to have a relaxed evening and snuggle in with our kiddies, especially as the days got shorter and the weather got colder.

Now is the time to take a look at the fall schedule, maybe make some adjustments – have a family meeting even – to talk about how you can be sure to create those meal times where it’s fun, relaxed and a way to really connect as a family

Happy Fall!