Dr. Judith Orloff | The Empath’s Survival Guide

Dr. Judith Orloff is a psychiatrist, New York Times Bestselling author and an empath. In her most recent book, The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People, Dr. Orloff provides a wealth of information, exercises and advice for those who may not yet know they are empathic, for parents of empaths and for people who have known for a long time they are empaths and are looking to utilize this gift to align with their life’s purpose in a bigger way.

In this show, Dr. Orloff shares how she applies empathy in her medical practice, and how others may utilize their own unique empathic gift for the benefit of themselves and the world. Kelly and Dr. Orloff also discuss the qualities and characteristics of empathic people, and why it’s important to know if you or someone you love is an empath. This knowledge can be a huge validation for people who have been told that they need to grow thicker skin or that they are overly sensitive, and it can also help identify the types of situations that cause stress, anxiety or energy depletion and how an empath can create healthy boundaries to avoid these common pitfalls.

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