Ever Gone On A Float Date Before?

By Jeff Cellier

June 12, 2017

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Going on a Float Date is probably one of the best dating forms I’ve ever done! Here’s why I love them so much!


The post-float chill out period, typically done within the walls of a float centre’s lounge, sipping tea and soaking in the ambiance, is a time when someone could quite possible be their most authentic self. When someone is truly relaxed they’re less guarded and they’re more likely to express how they truly feel.



With the massively grounding and potent purging of stress that a 90-minute float can provide, it leaves the floater in a state that is less reactive, more present and likely basking with inner clarity simply by turning down the entire volume of life for a while. This is when one can speak and listen from an open and honest place, being truly comfortable in one’s skin and letting one’s inner light shine.



The float brings one out of their heads and into their body.  In the absence of external stimuli the floater experiences what’s left; oneself. Their thoughts (which hopefully calms down with some breathing exercises, see below), their emotions, and the physical sensations of the body. It’s amazing even during the stillness of a float how vibrant and visceral the sensations of the body actually feel.
We become hyper-sensitive physically in a good way.  In the extreme reduction of external stimuli our sensory organs (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, & skin) become hyper-sensitive which is a beautiful thing to experience for most afterwards.  Colours are sharper, more vivid and brighter, sounds and smells are more rich and full, and food explodes with flavours! We are snapped out of our chronic numbed autonomy caused by hustle and bustle of our routines and are reborn into the majestic physical realm that we so fortunately get to dwell in.

Nothing is better for a deep connection than 2 people cuddling who are this “in touch” with their bodies and out of their heads.



If you’re on an early-going date with someone, the float allows for a nice reprieve from the date.  It literally breaks it up.  You meet early, go for a short walk before your float, go to the centre, each have the individual float experience, calm down, reflect on oneself a little bit, reconnect with what is true for you and then re-connect with your date in the lounge afterwards. For some the early dates can be stressful as people may find it tough to let themselves be fully exposed right from day 1, so having a break within the date is not a bad thing for both people in my opinion. Plus it gives you both something to talk about and share.
So go for it!  Ask that special someone if they want to go on a float date! It’s adventurous, relaxing and sets you both up for a greater connection. And if they say “no, thanks” you can always float with your Mom or Dad, they’ll love you for it!
Thanks for reading.


– for the first minute or two take deeper than normal breaths, in the nose and out the mouth.
– eventually allow the breath to normalize and do not attempt to control it.
– continue to breathe in and out of the nose. Breathing in the mouth can induce anxiety.
– try to match the depth, rate, and intensity of each inhale to each exhale.
– with each exhale perhaps state an internal mantra of “relax” or “let go”.
– always breathe into the lower abdomen (diaphragm) and not in to the upper chest, belly breathing induces greater calmness, while chest breathing can increase anxiety.