Facing Your Mind & Forgiving Yourself

By Jeff Cellier

August 4, 2016

Posted In: Adventures, Community, Entertainment, Spiritual Wellness, White Rock

Why do I float?


Floating has benefit upon benefit for the mind, body and soul. Just google it, a trillion reasons you should float will come up.

But the real reason I float is to face my greatest fear. My mind.

Stripped down naked in an enclosed black space floating effortlessly on water that is the same temperature as my skin, I lose touch with the sensation of being a body. All that is left is a conscious mind. It’s a scary feeling at first, but an incredibly powerful one. It usually takes 10 or so minutes for me to get adjusted to this detachment from my body. But once I’m settled in, the dialogue begins. You see, floating has this incredible way of bringing up all the things we submerge under the surface of who we are. Laying there in the dark room, floating in what feels like nothing you are brought face to face with the most powerful force of nature; your own mind. I let it go off for a bit. After all, it works so hard for me all day long, it needs to burn off some steam. The thoughts are relentless. All the very things I swore I wasn’t going to think about while enjoying my zen are brought up in my mind and stay there looking me eye to eye. I begin to be aware of my own heart beat knowing there is nowhere for me to run from these stress inducing thoughts. I can’t distract myself now or push the thoughts away.

This is where I change the game. I take a few deep breaths and relax every single muscle in my entire body. I don’t back down and crumble under these thoughts. I confront them right back and I do what seems impossible.

I forgive myself.

I forgive myself and open my heart to myself. I let myself know that I am enough.

After this happens I find I can drift off into theta wave induced bliss and when the session ends go back into the world a happier human.