Finding Your Time to Float

By Jeff Cellier

August 11, 2016

Posted In: Adventures, Community, Entertainment, Spiritual Wellness, White Rock

It can be really hard to ‘find the time’ to do anything these days and when you do, it’s important to find the right time. Especially with floating, where there are so many factors that can affect your experience within the tank, setting time aside and preparing for your session helps optimize your float. Here are a few tips I’ve learned in my own life and floats:

1. Finding Time In Life

I push myself to do a lot in my work and personal life, so I get caught up in the ‘busy’ trap often. You may catch me saying “I don’t have time to ______,” and if you do, please call me on it because the reality is I do have time. I’m simply not prioritizing my time to include my wellness tools, which for me include working out, meditating and floating. I find that when I do put these things first, the rest of my time is spent much more efficiently and with more enjoyment. Look at where you are really spending your time. Are you spending 2 hours on Facebook throughout the day? Sleeping in right before work? It may take pushing yourself to wake up earlier or put your phone down more, but you have time.

Remembering you have time, that’s another thing (see #3).

2. Finding The Right Time To Float

Personally, I find there are two times that I especially enjoy for floating: late night floats (approx. 10pm – 5am) and Monday mornings. The late nights are great because my body and mind are already in ‘sleep mode’, so it’s so much easier to go deep and relax fully. You may fall asleep, but there’s a good chance you’ll wake up feeling 10x better than a normal night’s sleep.

I love Monday morning floats because they start my week off on a clean slate, with a clear mind and my body feeling stress-free. Instead of bringing last week’s tension and stress with me, I get a reset button for my week.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed and under immense stress, that’s a signal I use to flag myself and know that it’s time to go back for a float. But, just like when how you’re already past the point of dehydration when you feel thirsty, it’s better to be proactive, rather than reacting to this and letting myself get stressed out and overwhelmed.

3. Finding A Rhythm

What I’ve started to implement to help myself be proactive and maintain my holistic wellness is set a routine with my floats. Just like with work, going to the gym or anything else, setting a routine can drastically help you to stick with something and build habits. Find your rhythm based on what works for your personality, your schedule and lifestyle. You can book and set recurring appointments through our online booking system without paying, so if your plans change just make sure to let us know at least 24 hours before your appointment.