Is the Food Industry Hacking Your Brain (Part 1)?

By Brad Matushewski

March 28, 2018


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Would you ever come home from a stressful day and grab a stick of butter from the fridge and start taking a few licks? How about grabbing the salt shaker and sprinkling a few dashes straight into your mouth? Have you ever spooned sugar right from the bag and into your mouth? It would be a safe assumption that your have not done any of these things. So why do we find it difficult to not eat a whole bag of chips, or eat several cookies in a row?

The truth is, that any of those 3 main ingredients (sugar, salt and fat) are not very appetizing on their own. However, it certain combinations they become irresistible and addictive. Typically, careful combination of 2 of these can create something that we have a hard time saying no to. For example, potato chips or popcorn (salt and fat), cookies or ice cream (sugar and fat), chocolate covered pretzels (sugar and salt). You see, the foods that we typically think of being less healthy choices, will have at least 2 of these sorts of ingredients in excess.

The food industry puts a tremendous amount of effort (and dollars) on behalf of chemists, physicists and even neuroscientists to create a product that is DESIGNED to NOT make you feel full or satisfied so that you eat MORE and finish the package!

This is the first of small series…check back for more to come.