Giving Makes Us Happy

What makes us happy? How can we find it consistently and how can we keep it? Happiness may seem simple and even common and yet it’s evanescent and uncontrollable nature has created an entire industry dedicated to achieving it. Scientists and philosophers alike have long sought to understand human happiness, and researchers in Switzerland may have discovered an important clue.

Scientist in Zurich discovered what many have long thought to be true- giving to others, makes us happier. Using MRI scans, the researchers found that the part of the brain connected to gift giving was linked to the part of the brain long associated with the feeling of happiness and that by triggering the giving part we could also trigger the happiness center.

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Happiness From Being Generous Has a Neural Basis Within the Brain

In a study on the psychology of giving, MRI scans revealed that an area of the brain linked to generosity triggered a response in another part related to happiness.


JULY 11, 2017


2:09 PM EDT