Google Pixel Case Coming to Rokform

By Rokform

March 16, 2017


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In case you are an iPhone-only kind of gal like myself, you may not have seen the launch of Google’s first smartphone last Fall. The Pixel is its name and it’s pretty much everything amazing you would expect from one of the largest technology companies in the world.

Now if you’re wondering how the Pixel stands up to the other smart devices on the market, we may only have to quote the reviewer of the device from who claimed it to be “the best phone on the planet period.” Wow, that’s an impressive review from a well-respected media source. Has this piqued your interest at all? Well it has for me.

In this same review, the writer comments about the lack of variety when it came to accessories. If you’re a Rokform fan and on board with the Pixel, we’ve got great news for you. We will be offering a case for your Google Pixel phone! That’s right! All the protection and function that comes with every Rokform case will be available for the Pixel.

Google Pixel Phone

It’s taken some time to make sure our fan-favorite mounting options could fit with the unique fingerprint security function that comes on the back of the phone. But we love our designers for their problem-solving skills and this case development put them to the test! And they won, so to speak.

There isn’t a firm release date for the Rokform Pixel case, but we’re hoping to have it out as soon as this Spring. While we’re in the process of bringing a Pixel case to the market, we wanted to remind all those Pixel users that you can get the functionality of Rokform’s mountability in the Universal Adapter. If I’m seriously considering whether to make the switch and I do before the case comes out, you better believe I’ll be rocking the Universal Adapter. I can’t be without my magnet! Do you feel the same way?

Universal Adapter for Google Pixel


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