How Floating Changed The Way I Feel About My Body

By Jeff Cellier

June 9, 2016

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Samantha Skelly of Hungry for Happiness
Humans are starving for connection. Connection with others, connection with the divine and especially connection with themselves.

We live in a time where the societal status quo is to operate from a place of over-thinking and hustle. We are always trying to go somewhere, achieve something, be somebody or simply just get ahead.

This constant quest for logical intelligence and over-achievement disconnects our beings from our bodies. We’ve learnt to only rely on our logic and our minds to navigate our bodies through life. When we are completely disconnected mind and body, head and heart we aren’t honouring and utilizing one of the greatest tools for wisdom and guidance, our bodies.

This distinct disconnection prevents true connection within ourselves, within our bodies, within our souls.

Due to lack of integration we’ve unknowingly developed a craving for autonomous connection, connection within the self. Connection being the forefront of our needs it’s natural to look outwards, however – the level of depth outwards is in relation to the level of depth we are willing to go inwards.


Division from the body creates a container that is susceptible to body avoidance, we unintentionally neglect our bodies. This neglect then creates the trajectory for disordered eating and body image issues.

Women and men alike are starving for the reconnection and integration, they just don’t know how to do it. When head and heart, mind and body are working in unison and harmony together we are able to create a divine alliance which strengthens our connection back into our bodies – our natural, and primal state.

Over the past 5 years I’ve been working hard to repair the relationship I have to food and to my body, 5 years ago I barely knew I had a body, all I knew was that I wasn’t happy with it and always wanted to change it. I was caught in the vicious diet/binge cycle – controlling my food to manipulate my body rather than tuning into my body’s fundamental needs. One of the access points to helping me develop a healthy, strong and connected relationship with my body was floating.

Floating allowed me to experience my body, for the first time in a long time. It allowed me to be present to how I was feeling, not how I think I should feel. It powerfully encouraged me to reconnect. This reconnection was a powerful and essential part of my healing.

There are 70 million people worldwide who are currently struggling with disordered eating. The modern medical system is focused on manipulating and restructuring external factors to then create internal change.

This is backwards – it’s an inside out job.

Disordered eating is often the result of deprivation of inner connection. It’s essential we connect into our souls, find the root causes of pain and use it as a catalyst for growth. The body is the vessel that is home to a lot of suppressed emotion, tapping into it always takes an element of courage.

Go float, discover your inner connection — feel liberated.