How Often Should I Sharpen My Skates?

By Stu Hunter

October 17, 2017

Play It Again Sports

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This is a question we hear a lot at Play It Again Sports so I thought I would take this opportunity to put something down on paper (virtually speaking of course).

There really is no right or wrong answer. Some people will have their skates sharpened after every game (and we thank them for keeping us busy) while others will sometimes go months in between sharpens. We believe the former is a bit excessive while the later is not enough even if you have only skated a couple of times and here are the reasons why.

Sharpening your skates too frequently can prematurely wear out your steel runners. You should get over 200 sharpens out of your skates so even if you get them done once a week the steel should last you a few years. Replacing your runners can be expensive so don’t sharpen them too often. Done well an edge should last.

The reason we suggest not going to long between sharpens, even if you have only skated a few times, is for preventive maintenance. Having your skates sharpened will clean off any surface rust that may start to form. It also gives the skate technician an opportunity to check the blades for nicks which can get difficult to fix if skated on for too long.

Our suggestion is most players should sharpen their skates once to twice a month. If you are a recreational player, that plays a game or two a week, having you skates sharpened once a month should be fine. If, between practices and games, you are on the ice 4, 5 or 6 times a week. We would suggest you have your skates sharpened twice a month.

Remember this is just a general guideline. If you have questions or would like more specific information please feel free to come visit the store and ask one of our experts.

Happy Skating,
Stu Hunter