How the Consumer is Changing

By Bev Matushewski

October 29, 2015


Posted In: Langley, Surrey, White Rock

In the last few years we are seeing unimaginable changes in how businesses sell today. The change is the internet, social media, and Amazon to name just a few. Today’s consumer spends more online time researching a product or service prior to making a purchase . A great example is Future Shop. The giant retail store was faced with a change. Customers were going into the store learning about the latest products and then going home to research price online including reading independent articles from users.

Future Shop Store article
Purchasing online can make the process simple. Once a consumer knows what they want all they need to do is find the price. If you want to take a new class or join a gym even learn a new recipe. For me it is simple, I use all the tools today. An example is that I asked a group on Amazon about a small bag and if it fit my Iphone 6 plus. The responses were amazing. People raved about the product and I was comfortable to make the purchase. I get many compliments on the bag and tell people where to buy. I have even sent them a link. When I go to Amazon I read the reviews and base my purchases on consumer recommendations, not the salesperson telling/selling me.

If you are a business owner today how are you with creating an online presence today? How do you connect to the community? Do you really know what your customer is doing today? Is your audience sharing your knowledge?

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