I have NO Time

By Bev Matushewski

December 21, 2016


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I hear this statement all the time. I cannot accept this statement for it is not true!

Well, let’s look a little deeper at this statement. Does time exist or did we make this up? Is life just a series of events? How can we prove we have time? We have a watch, a man-made device, that counts and clicks by. We can also say, yes, time exists since we age and then die. Some believe that we do not die, but our energy shifts. Whatever happens, I see time as a series of events. What is true is that we only have now. Eckhart Tolle teaches us that our past is just that and the future will never be. What we have now is a choice. Learn to choose well and enjoy your time today.

Here are some of my favourites:

I have no time to eat…Choice.
I have no time to train/exercise…Choice.
I have no time to meditate…Choice (Think about this one!).
I have no time to visit a friend…Choice.
I have no time to make a meal…Choice.
I have no time to ______________…Choice.

As one who helps people try to get fit, it comes down to choice. I understand commitments to others or your job. However, it is once again just simply a choice.

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