I Should Eat What When?? Food Combining For Better Health

By Joanne Mulhall

June 1, 2016

Core Wellness Solutions

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Food Combining is a method of eating that promotes certain foods to be eaten together, other foods to never be eaten together and other foods to be eaten alone. It was made popular in the 80’s by the Diamonds and their Fit For Life program. It’s based on the principle of Natural Hygiene and on supporting the natural circadian cycles of the body. Natural Hygiene states that the body is always striving for health and that it achieves this by continuously cleansing itself of deleterious waste material.
The circadian rhythms are biological cycles that our bodies go through on a daily basis:
Noon – 8 p.m. appropriation (eating and digestion)
8.p.m.-4.a.m. assimilation (absorption and use)
4 a.m.- noon elimination (of waste and debris)

When we support these naturally occurring balancing mechanisms in our bodies, we are allowing the body to do the job that it was designed to do.

What are the benefits of food combining?

*Better digestion
*Less or no gas or bloating
*Weight Loss
*Consistent high energy levels
*Increased overall feeling of well-being
*Feeling in harmony with your body

How does it work?

Fruit -eat alone and before noon
Sub acid (plums, mangoes, pears, berries, peaches, apples, green grapes, etc.)
Acid (lemons, grapefruit, limes, pineapple, cranberries, etc.)
Sweet (bananas, fresh figs and dates, papaya, prunes, etc.)
Proteins -require enzymes from an acid medium (HCL from the stomach
-eat with vegetables
-do not eat with starches
-best to eat protein at lunch meal

Starches require enzymes from an alkaline medium (from the pancreas
-eat with vegetables
-do not eat with proteins

I personally noticed several positive changes when I began to follow the above principles. Most of my digestive issues slowly and steadily disappeared. I do recall a two week period of extreme revolt as my body was adjusting to a new regime, but once that passed, I felt less bloated and quickly dropped about 5 pounds of post baby weight. After seeing my own results, I felt there was enough merit in the principles of Natural Hygiene to recommend it to my clients.