Introduction to a Medical Intuitive & Emotional Intuitive

By Lynda Wylde

December 8, 2017

Heila Promotions

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What is a Medical Intuitive? My guest speaker, Thomas Moore explains how he can see into the body. Rita Moore, the other half of this exceptional health and wellness team teaches how we can sense our own intuition through our bodies.

This evening was amazing. We start with a beautiful meditation and then we get up close and personal with Thomas and Rita, and the work they do. It is not all that you might think, these conversations go from healing the body, to his work in the astral plane. Conversations like these, are why I put on these events. It is a different world… and I love it!

With Gratitude and Love to Thomas Moore and Rita Moore for being my guest speakers. I am pleased to share this video of my November Heila Event.