Introduction to Clairvoyant, Medium & Spiritual Teacher Shana Lee Gibson

By Lynda Wylde

April 10, 2018

Heila Promotions

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Shana Lee Gibson is a Renowned Clairvoyant Medium and Spiritual Teacher. She believes that each one of us is a wave in the great ocean of God with unique spiritual gifts and a divine purpose.
Shana has 12 years of experience (in person and online) with clients in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia. She provides hope, validation, and inspiration through personalized spiritual mentorship, workshops and meditation classes. Known for accuracy she has worked alongside & produced events with renowned mediums Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams, Mitchell Coombes and Mavis Pittilla.

She is the author of the popular teen oracle card deck Empowering The Teenage Soul. The 33 oracle cards and guidebook inspire the teenage soul in children and adults around the world. Another teen project Shana successfully produced, The Young Documentary Filmmakers in which 10 students created a short documentary about a local boy with Autism, told a beautiful story of local heroism and can be seen on YouTube.

From 2008-2015 she attended various courses at the Arthur Findlay College (; the world’s foremost college of psychic sciences. Shana Lee has demonstrated three years in a row at Banyen Books & Sound (Vancouver, BC).
She has been featured in the Squamish Chief, Archives of Cool, The Globe & Mail, CTV, Vitamin Daily and Vancouverite of the Week.
Shana Lee has been interviewed on Synchronicity Radio, Inspired Living Radio, and We Don’t Die Radio. She also previously hosted her own show ‘Spirit Talks‘ on Blog Talk Radio.

My name is Lynda Wylde. I created these “Heila Events” to inspire and affirm connection to our own light and inner knowledge. I am hosting clairvoyants, energy workers, and wellness practitioners in the South Surrey, BC area. These events are live, and are filmed for publication.

I talk to more and more people that are opening up psychically. I believe that many people have questions, and are seeking to validate their own experiences. As a member of the audience, you are encouraged to ask questions and share your stories, in regards to the event’s topics. I have asked my guests to take the mystery out of how they read or work with energy, and how they experience their gifts. I think you will realize that your thoughts, and experiences are common and shared by many.

-Lynda Wylde