Is God an Active Force?

By Terry Shea

July 22, 2016

Centre for Spiritual Living White Rock

Posted In: Spiritual Wellness, White Rock

This is the last of our series. I hope you have enjoyed these insights in Ernest Holmes’ thinking as filtered through my mind.
The question about whether God is an active force is a good one and one that deists, theists, and atheists have been arguing about for a long time. If the question was reframed and the word God removed, to my mind, it would be a much more interesting debate. If the question was, “Is there a force active in the Universe, in Life itself, in your life?” The answer would be obvious… or maybe not. The real question here is: “What is the nature of that force and how is it active?”
I believe this is where Science of Mind really shines, in that Ernest Holmes lays out an entire argument for the nature of the Force at work in our lives and how it operates. Thanks to his in-depth understanding of Mental Science as presented by Thomas Troward, he even came up with a “scientific method” on how to use that Force. Generations of teachers have taught his method to generations of students always with the same disclaimer. Use it and if it works; if you get a demonstration, then you will know you are onto something. If it doesn’t work, you can’t say it doesn’t work. The most you can say is that it doesn’t work for you and so… do something else.
The first flush of enthusiasm in finding this philosophy is always the sense that we have found something that makes sense. Many people tell me they have always believed these things, but didn’t know anyone else thought as they do. Their first impression is that they have “come home” to something. No matter how disparate our backgrounds, there is a resonance in the Principles that we encounter in our Centres that we can feel.
But as I said last week, this philosophy, like all philosophy, is not about what you feel, it is about what you know and can prove. If you are in one of our Centres and you are still lonely, sick, unhappy and broke, while people around you are enjoying a rich full life, then maybe there is something you don’t know about the philosophy, the Force or your life, specifically your thoughts. This bears looking at a little deeper.
I love teaching classes; I think I love that aspect of my vocation almost as much as Spiritual Direction and Treatment. But every so often I get a student in my class who wants to show me and the class how much they know; how spiritual they are. Well this is not going to go well. In order to be teachable one needs to be humble. One needs to be as receptive as the soil, the humus, from which we get the word humility. A person without humility does not even have “Beginners Mind”, and without beginners mind there can be no new beginnings.
I am convinced, and have demonstrated in my own life over and over, that this teaching works if you work it. In order to work anything from a lawnmower to paint brush you have to have some guidance in just how to use it effectively and then do something with it. So is God an active force in your life? Yes, you most certainly are!
The reference for this week’s lesson is page 59 in the Science of Mind. Don’t have a Science of Mind? That’s your first tool, a good place to start. Pick one up at the bookstore on Sunday.