Is it Worth Your Time?

By Griffin Lockyer

November 18, 2015


Posted In: Langley, Surrey, White Rock

Time is a valuable possession these days, It can be spent doing productive things that further you in your career, sport or any goals you might have. Time will always pass by and you can make the most of it or you can let it slip by you and regret having done so as you look back at the time you’ve had.

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine asked me “is it worth your time?”. Believe it or not I had never posed this question to myself! It really hit home for me and made me think of the countless hours I’ve spent watching movies or T.V shows, and many other things that have never been conducive to any of my personal or career goals. We both immediately started scouring the internet for a good desktop background for our laptops with this saying on it. He ended up making one himself quicker than I found one on Google!

The point of this story is that I had never spent any considerable time analyzing how I spent my time. I assume that many of us do the same, or maybe you do only to realize it is too late. So I now ask myself more often – “is it worth your time?”. Sometimes I don’t remember to ask myself that until I am 1 episode deep into a new T.V show series, however when I do, I almost always turn of the T.V and get to work, head to the gym to train, or start studying. It is a work in progress and yes it does take time, however time will always be passing by. You can spend it wishing you worked harder to pursue your goals or you can spend it actually working toward something.

Start somewhere and start small, big changes start with small actions carried out over a period of time!