Life is that Trail Ride

By Bev Matushewski

January 23, 2017


Posted In: Fitness, General Wellness, Langley, London, Saskatoon, Spiritual Wellness, Surrey, Transportation, What's Up Canada, White Rock

One of my greatest passions is riding my mountain bike in the desert. It’s an excellent way to reflect and enjoy a challenging workout while the endorphins give you a positive feeling in the body. The last time I was riding through trails, I wound through some real bumpy parts that made it very hard to handle the bike, especially the hairpin turns. I experienced part of the trail where the incline was very tough. Also, in parts of the trail, there was very soft sand which caused me to go over the handle bar and wipeout. Along the trail, there were really smooth parts which made for an amazing and enjoyable ride. Then I made that connection to life with this trail: we all will have bumpy times which will challenge us, we will have smooth times and, sometimes, we will have to work to get up that hill. With life, we have a choice to live the trail and accept each and every challenge as they come before us. The most satisfying part of the trail was smooth which is just like when all the things seem to fall into place in our life. At times, we need to get help, and that is what we do with Foreverfit today. We have people in each community who can guide you to that part of the trail that will be smooth and that part of the trail that just makes you feel grounded. You do not need to always be on that tough part of the trail.