How To: Make Working Out A Habit (3 Easy Steps)

By Kirsten Kenward

January 15, 2018

VibrantMe Coaching

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Following the tide of Resolutions that we all just witnessed, comes the reality.

Keeping true to the intentions that we make, requires that we also adopt habits.

Webster’s Dictionary defines Habit as:
“A behaviour pattern acquired by frequent repetition or physiologic exposure that shows itself in regularity or increased facility of performance.
An acquired mode of behaviour that has become nearly or completely involuntary.”

There is some juice in there.

I believe that how we show up in the world is the sum of our habits. That our daily life is dictated by them.

I underlined certain words in the above definition because I think they work to drive home just how important our habits are to our overall well-being and especially our ability to live the lives we truly desire.

Let’s use me as an example shall we.

One of my NY intentions is to write one Blog Post per week. (More if I’m feeling inspired)
Because this Intention is important to me, I want to make it a Habit.
So, how do I go about doing this??

FIRST, I wrote it down. Somewhere I am often going to look. Actually, I wrote it down many places.
The ‘Notes’ app if you have an Iphone is a very useful resource for this.
It is also helpful to make a verbal commitment to one of your friends or family members, to keep you accountable, especially if you know that you work better with a little objective accountability (like me).

SECOND, I determined WHY this resolution is important to me.
– Because I enjoy sharing my thoughts with others, in order to build a community and help us understand one another a little better.
– And because, I want potential clients, colleagues, collaborators etc. to know what I’m all about.
These why’s are very meaningful to me. They are intrinsic to who I am, or at least who I strive to be.
It’s important that your resolutions be internally motivated so that when the going get’s tough and when your alone, you will stick to them. (Let me know if you would like me to elaborate more on this in another post).

THIRD, I got specific about when I was going to sit down to write my posts.
I’m a little unconventional with this one tbh…
Unlike scheduling in workouts, work hours, or friend dates, I really don’t like having a set schedule for writing time. I find that I write best when I am inspired in the moment. So, instead of choosing when throughout the week I will sit down to write, I choose a topic I want to write about for that week, and wait for the inspiration download to hit.

This is just what works for me, play with what works for you. And like I said, scheduling workout, eating and rest time DOES work for me, so that can be a great tool if your resolutions fall into those categories too (or not).

Once you’ve decided upon these action steps, the only thing left is to DO IT.
I have utmost confidence that if you’ve read this far, you are serious about sticking to your intentions and creating some kick-ass habits this New Year.

You got this.