Make your soul Happy.

By Tarryl Plain

May 14, 2016

Posted In: Spiritual Wellness, White Rock, Yoga

Our 30 Day Yoga challenge starts up May 16th and it is time to feed your SOUL!

Here are a few last tips before we all get on the mat and DO THIS!!!

Find a friend!
Finding a fellow yogi to attend classes with can be very inspiring and help give you insensitive to keep going back every day for that good stuff!

Smile and laugh When you are feeling overwhelmed on or off the mat, JUST SMILE.

Smiling sends signals to the body that you are content in life. Try playing the smiling game where you smile at everyone you pass in the streets throughout your day! Sometimes you find out that you really made someone’s day, or even week! Spread those beautiful West Coast yogi smiles.

Celebrate your accomplishments along the way!

Each day, each class, every movement, every breath! Celebrate with loving gratitude and watch your body, mind & spirit feel a whole lot of awesome!


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