Marketing in 2017

By easyPRINT

March 22, 2017

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Marketing has developed dramatically over the past few years. With the use of social media like Facebook, Linked-In and twitter, in company with email campaigns, the world of marketing is nothing like it use to be. 

Remember the days of hand delivering postcards, going to Canada Post to send out a mail out, and giving brochures to potential clients at Trade Shows? Those days are not necessarily gone, but they are not an as usual occurrence in the day-to-day of a sales person. 

So many parts of the Sales and Marketing technique now a days are based on a digital relationship. When you receive someones business card, whether it is printed or it is a digital card, you save their email first, the phone second, and they location last… This is because the primary way of contact is now digital. 

Think of all the marketing possibilities you have when you send a brochure digitally instead of handing one to the potential client personally. These files are never deleted, even if they end up in the email “trash”, it is never really gone. If you hand a brochure personally, it normally ends up in the recycling, and is later shredded, and gone forever. is all about digital marketing. We have a relationship with Haystack, a digital business card company and we have graphic designers ready to design your company an eye-catching and informative brochure that you can share on your social media, over and email campaign, or, if you are feeling old fashioned, you can print out and hand over to someone personally. It is up to you – but whichever choice you make, can help you out.