Money or Health?

By Wellness Warriors

October 5, 2018


Posted In: Fitness, General Health, Nutrition

This has been one of the questions I have often pondered you love money, or you enjoy your health? As we age, we have accumulated things and wealth and a retirement pension from our place of work; we saved our money in a retirement program this all took a strategy. We worked and saved towards our golden years and hope to have this fantastic retirement. Some do a better job with savings while others do what they can do with what they have. However, for many people, they seem to miss one thing, and that is health. What kind of life do you want each day? This is all about choice. So you have saved you have a pension yet you have invested ZERO dollars for your health. As a trainer for many years, I have heard all of the excuses so invest in your health.

I have no time, I love this one, so many of clients that need intervention to get healthy share this with me. Here are just a few more excuses I have heard.

1. My knee hurts
2. I will start on Monday
3. Only if I had some extra money to join a gym
4. I need motivation
5. I am Tired
6. I work hard at work, so I am ok
7. I was in great shape when I was younger
8. When I took karate, I was so fit when I was younger
9. I went to the gym twice a day when I was in my 20’s
10. I fill in your own story here of excuse.
11. Invest in your HEALTH PERIOD it pays massive dividends in the end

It is simple just to decide that you want HEALTH! With health, money does come. Why? You are motivated, you have the energy you attract like people in your life your relationships improve. In the end, we should enjoy the journey of life with vigor, and money will not go with you in the end.