My Investment has it Paid off!

By Wellness Warriors

September 17, 2018


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For the past year, I have made an investment in myself this investment has provided the dividends as well. Here is a summary of what I paid for these results. My social activities were playing darts, slo-pitch and attending pubs and the casino each of these events I consumed one thing I enjoy a craft beer. I took a weekly average this summer of two ball games a week one to two pub nights and time at the vacation home.

Based on the 16 weeks of consumption I invested roughly 960.00 dollars towards my belly, and the investment paid off I gained the pounds I gained terrible eating habits I also a DAD bod as they say. I have become just like many of the guys I play ball with and many of the people who frequent pubs and casinos. As a trainer, I know what it takes to make the right investment and share this 16-week journey with you.

Time to Fight the Fat Baby.

I the next few weeks I will share what I did to regain a healthy lifestyle and shed the belly.