No One Likes a Complainer!

By Bev Matushewski

January 12, 2017


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In the last few years, I seem to be surrounded by complainers. I was even complaining about the people around me complaining. It was funny that I became a complainer just like the complainers that I was complaining about! So, if you are spending time in your life with complainers, it seems that you end up becoming a complainer.

So, I searched Google for “complaining” and I came across an article by Lisa M. Juliano entitled “No one Likes Complainers.” Love the title! After reading her article, all I could do was laugh. Why? Because I seem to like complainers and they are all around me. Anyway, if you are that person who complains about things, situations, politics or whatever the complaint may be, no one likes you! Here is the clincher: we do not tell people this, and we build on this crap, and we let it affect us.

If you have something to complain about, I guess the thing to do is to get a dog because he will still love you, even if you complain. For all my family and friends who may read this post, you can decide if I am an exception to the Blog. Goodbye, complainers in my life. Find another shoulder to complain upon – for this is my life and I do not need your drama.

Enjoy the read by Lisa M. Juliano, Psy.D