Our Relationship with Crystals

By Lynda Wylde

July 24, 2017

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Have We Put Them in Our Path?Lemurian Point

Why do we love crystals so much. Why the fascination? My fascination with crystals didn’t start until I was in my mid 20’s. That’s when I met a woman named Marjorie. I was not really aware of crystals, and I had no idea that people collected them. Her collection was and is truly impressive.

Marjorie is what I would call a wisdom keeper. For the last 25 years she has shared with me her extensive knowledge of energy, universal law, spiritual truths, and much more. Her loving guidance has moulded my adult life. She is a friend, a teacher, and my son’s godmother. I truly do believe that we made an agreement before we came into this life to play these roles, and I am very grateful for it.

I believe we have planned our lives far in advance with our own unique purpose and goals in mind. I also believe that we put crystals in our path before we start out in this life. I think we pre-program them with information and the energy we may need at any given time. Whether we are aware of it or not, crystals are here to support us on our journey.

Several years ago I had an amazing and unexpected experience in a small book store that sold crystals. I looked around at the crystals and admired many of them. I saw a bowl of small Lemurian Quartz Points for .50 cents each. I made a mental note “great price” then I looked around, but found nothing I wanted to purchase. I was about to leave the store and was half way to the door when I decided to turn around and buy a few of the small crystal points, they were such a great price…

When I touched the crystals I was flooded with a strong sensation of pure love. It was so strong that I thought that I would burst. I could barely breathe. I sobbed and quickly put the tiny crystals down. I was so overwhelmed I could not stop sobbing. I just kept saying “it’s so beautiful!!!” Part of me felt undeserving and scared. I was embarrassed to be so emotional in public! I left the store as quickly as I could. I had no idea what was happening! I could not calm myself, I cried for over 30 minutes on a local bench. “It was just so beautiful!” When I could collect myself I went back into the store. The crystals were still there. I tentatively touched them to see what would happen, but felt nothing from them. I bought several of them just so I had something tangible to relate this experience to. I gave away all but one of the crystals to friends and family members hoping they would have the same experience. None did, but they thanked me for the gift and looked skeptically at me when I told them the story. Oh well…

After that experience, I noticed that I felt happier and peaceful. My mind seemed more aware… expanded. My dreamtime became more vivid and lucid. In my dreams, I could have conversations with people, open doors, walk around, and pick things up, while knowing that I was in a dream. Other crystals, that “happen to cross my path” usually end up under my pillow to see what they show me.

It seems to me that the more we open up to the magic of life, and the more we notice all the synchronicities and the presence of love and beauty in our lives, the more awake we become. The more we awaken, the more we sense and experience the world differently. We become more aware of, and sensitive to the subtle energies that we never even thought of before. For me, crystals are very much a part of this process.


–by Lynda Wylde


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