Paper Less Business Card

By easyPRINT

September 28, 2018

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The printing Industry still thinks the business card is a functional product. I agree in a few cases that we even could still use a paper business card. However, when you look at the function, it is time to retire the card along with your Rolodex.

Why we use the Business Card in the first place.

1. A form of Introduction of you and your company
2. My Card has my address on the card
3. My Card has my Phone Number
4. My Card has my Email.
5. My Card has my Website
6. My Card has a Social Media Icon
7. My Card may have a QR Code

All of these items are great for the recipient however they need to type the information into the database or the phone often. Often we make mistakes with that process, especially typing the email address.

The solution is it’s time to shift to a Paperless Business card by Here are the things you can do with the Smart Phone Card:

1. Scan a paper Card and automatically import all Contact information into your CRM or Phone Contact
2. Scanning will upload Address to your CRM/Phone
3. Scanning will access the Web and check for the logo
4. Importing will collect the phone number and Email Address and populate your Phone Contacts
5. Your Card can be shared in many ways (TEXT/EMAIL/QR Code)
6. Your card can be attached with every email you send out. Simple access for recipients.

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