Spring Cleansing And Detoxification

By Joanne Mulhall

May 15, 2017

Core Wellness Solutions

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Why do we cleanse?

Toxins are present in the organs and tissues of the body. The body is always generating waste material as a byproduct of metabolic processes. Other waste is derived from food residues that are of no use to the body; including salt, artificial colourings and preservatives, processing by-products and other additives. Significant levels of toxins also accumulate in the body tissues as a result of environmental pollution; from air, water, and chemicals that are consumed or contacted directly, and also from pesticides and industrial waste which spread up through the food chain from the air, water and soil, to the plants, fish and animals that end up on the dinner plate.
The body, in its infinite innate wisdom, has built in mechanisms for eliminating toxins from our tissues. The five primary elimination channels are: the liver, the bowels, the kidneys, the lungs and the skin. Each of these organs eliminates about two pounds of material per day in the normal healthy adult. The lymphatic system is also a very important “internal” elimination system. If any one of these channels becomes overloaded or clogged and slows down, there will be a settlement of toxic material in the body tissues. When the elimination channels have too much work to do, they become inefficient, and instead of being carried out of the body, the toxins are forced into the bloodstream and settle into organs and tissues and fat cells.
The buildup of toxins in the body tissues and in the bloodstream is the pathway to lowered vitality and disease. Intestinal stasis (toxemia of the intestinal tract) in particular is implicated in a wide range of illnesses including fatigue, headache, asthma, hypertension, degenerative eye conditions, arthritis, degeneration of muscles, liver, kidneys, spleen and many forms of cancer.
Poor eating habits and continuous exposure to an innumerable amount of environmental toxins overburdens our elimination organs at a much faster rate (younger age, etc.). Therefore we must assist the body in clearing these channels and eliminating toxins through various forms of cleansing.
To use the analogy of a car; if you bought a brand new car and never changed the oil or filter, spark plugs, etc., never topped up the fluid levels and ran it on the wrong kind of gas or cheap gas, how long do you think that new car would last?? Our body is obviously much more intricate and valuable than a car, therefore everyone should make a commitment to cleansing at least twice a year, spring and fall, to “change our filters” and lessen the burden placed on our bodies by toxic accumulation.
A sound cleansing program replenishes the body with concentrated nutrients while cleansing.

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