Stability in life through yoga & meditation …

By Tarryl Plain

July 4, 2016

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Do you ever feel like your life is totally raging out of control? Everything seems to be coming at you all at once and you wish you could run and hide until it all passes?

I know I have, we all have. It is really challenging to stay calm, centered and level when everybody seems to needing something from you constantly or having problems that they expect you to solve. The pace of the lives we have created for ourselves some deem as down right insane. Taxed adrenal glands, cortisol raging out of control, anxiety, stress, lack of sleep, poor diet …….. it can all begin to spiral down hill.

Some or all of these things require a slowing down and commitment to your daily sadhana. ( Daily practice ) Taking the time to breathe & connect and be fully present with yoga and meditation will had profound results in lowering levels of stress. Even carving out a small time slot everyday for these practices can and will be life changing.

Slow down, Breathe, Practice Yoga …

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