Staying On Track

By Griffin Lockyer

October 1, 2015


Posted In: Fitness, Langley, Nutrition, Surrey, White Rock

So it’s hard to stay on track these days. With what though? The answer is everything; we all seem to have a hard time sticking to things that we genuinely want to accomplish. This is true whether it be changing our eating habits, going to sleep earlier/waking up earlier or exercising more.

So how do we get over this habit of failing every time we try to change these habits into new and better ones? The answer is to make it so easy that failure just isn’t an option. In order for us to continue to do something we have to feel good about it. It’s human biology; the idea is that when we accomplish something it makes us feel good and our body releases a chemical called dopamine and when we get that hit of dopamine (it feels good) we want more. This is why we choose to stay with our old way of doing things ,because, it is easier to get that dopamine rush when it means grabbing a box of cookies instead of preparing a salad and some chicken.

The way to do this is to make your goals really easy to achieve, for instance if you don’t workout at all and you can’t seem to drag yourself to a gym then set a goal to do ONE push-up a day or walk around your house ONE time. Just make it so easy that you’ll do it! It may seem like it is too easy at first but don’t give yourself too much to achieve at first. It is better to make it too easy and start developing the habit then giving yourself too much work and quitting.

One last thing: Keep a record of what you’ve done each day, whether it’s writing a number 1 on your calendar every day for completing that one push-up or jotting something down in a notebook. When we can see our accomplishments it makes us want to push harder to continue building on what we’ve worked for so far.

Try it out and see what happens but remember, make it easy!