Stop Getting Hung Up On New Year’s Resolutions! The 1% Solution!

By Joanne Mulhall

January 19, 2018

Core Wellness Solutions

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Stop Getting Hung Up On New Year’s Resolutions! The 1% Solution!
Here we are the middle of January and statistics show that most people who’ve joined a gym or started a new DIET have already abandoned ship and feeling once again the agony of defeat. WE HAVE TO STOP THIS CRAZINESS! While January is a great time to set some intentions, since energetically there is a time of renewal, in the Northern Hemisphere anyway, with the winter solstice and the shortest daylight day of the year marking the Sun’s return and the excitement of longer days ahead. When you think about the Earth’s rhythm’s – this is powerful stuff! It’s great to take advantage of that momentum, especially after celebrating over the traditional holidays in December, to want to start something fresh. The bottom line though is that making changes and improving yourself in any part of your life takes time, baby steps, and some consistent, persistent. Pick one or two things that you would like to work on and map out a realistic plan of how you would like to make improvements to reach a goal or marker that would indicate that you are being successful.

An example would be “Eating More Vegetables Every Day”
It’s not realistic to go from eating tomatoes and cucumbers to eating 7-10 different ½ c servings of vegetables per day (a good ideal amount). However, it is realistic to decide that this week, you will buy and eat broccoli (a half cup serving) 3 times this week. You would buy on head of broccoli, portion it out, decide which days to eat it and try it raw, steamed or stir fried – variety is the spice of life. Find out what you like best about the way you prepared it and what days you ate it (did it fit with how you could prepare it) and make that a part of your new routine each week. In a week or two, pick another vegetable and do the same process. You will find that after several weeks and months you have now increased your vegetable intake to likely 100% beyond what you were doing. Slow and Steady wins the race! And if you like to do the deep dive and make green smoothies every day, that can work also, with awareness to how you can keep it up over the long-term.

The most powerful changes come from small steps made consistently over time.