Stress and Facebook!

By Bev Matushewski

April 17, 2017


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Today we are becoming more stressed in life, and yet, we do not recognize the stress. We spend more time in our commutes. We are glued to our phone with many people checking our social media channel every few minutes, even every few seconds. We bring our phone to the bathroom. We Instagram everything. We share selfies on Facebook. We reach for the phone when we wake up. We share with every moment with everyone. We share what we eat, what we drink, what we drive, what restaurant we are in, even every part of our vacation. We are bombarded every part of our life with our technology taking our attention away from being just us. So, how do you learn to navigate in today’s world? It starts with the choice to remove the crap from your life. If Facebook causes you stress, remove it from your life. I have been teaching many users how to remove the feeds on your channel that do not serve you. If Twitter is your issue and all you hear is Trump’s tweets, stop with Twitter. Say goodbye or mute all the crap feeds from you Twitter account. If you really want your life to be your life, remove the stress. Many people in the fitness world know that stress is a major contributor to illness. is just that. Learn from the experts today. They share the knowledge, they share tips and guide you to the life you want, not the life that social media perceives.