Take your workout to the next level

By fittek

October 5, 2017


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Take your workout to the next level

While getting off of the couch is usually the hardest part, it can still be difficult to stay motivated once you’re actually at the gym. After finishing my routine thirty minutes of cardio, I’ve experienced a bit of workout machine overload on more than a few occasions. Smartphone to the rescue!

We already know that our smartphones work as the perfect music player to pump you up during a workout, but there are plenty of other ways gym goers at any level, from professional trainers to Average Joes, can use their phones to take any workout to the next level. Read on to learn a few new ways you should be using your phone at the gym (spoiler alert: no, texting while on a machine isn’t one of them!).

Get your timing right

With workouts, timing is everything. Whether you’re doing a HIIT workout, timing your circuit, resting between sets, or following Adam Rosante’s 30 Second Bodyyour workout will be more effective if you get your timing right.

How long should you rest between exercises?

Great question. The answer–it depends. Everyone has their own strength and body goals, and knowing those goals is critical to setting an appropriate rest period. According to a great bodybuilding.com article written by ISSA, the International Sports Sciences Association, it takes between two and three minutes for the phosphagen stores to fully recover from a set of intense exercise. For athletes whose goals are related to absolute strength, the optimal rest period between sets is 3 to 5 minutes. For endurance athletes, the optimal rest period between sets is 30 to 60 seconds.

With any of Rokform’s magnetic cases, you’ll always have your handy smartphone protected, mounted, and visible during workouts. Using your smartphone as a timer/stopwatch will help you time your intervals and rest periods perfectly to achieve your fitness goals.

Vernon Brown, personal trainer and owner of VFitness in Newport Beach, California, mounts his Rokform case onto various machines at the gym to keep the timing of his sets and his rest periods.

“I don’t know what I did without the Rokform case. I use it everyday with every client and with my own workouts. It’s perfect for timing or taking video to view and improve form.”



Improve your form

In addition to timing, making sure you’re using the correct form is important if you want to complete any exercise safely and efficiently. If you aren’t next to a mirror or your gym partner is noticeably absent, consider using your smartphone to film your exercises. With a super strong (and completely safe) magnet built into each case, it’s easy to mount your phone onto most machine surfaces, switch the camera to selfie mode, and record your workout. Now you can playback your workout and correct your form.

Are you using proper form?

There are several aspects to think about when it comes to proper form at the gym, including spinal alignment, joint alignment, range of motion, and tension. Jeremy Likness, Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Performance Nutrition, wrote a great article highlighting some of the important aspects of form and why it’s important.

Proper form is essential for success when training for anything from general fitness to sports events and/or competitions. It is the quality of training that influences your progress, more than the quantity. Time under tension, angle of movement, range of motion, and many other factors all contribute to a particular resistance training session. It is important to understand the proper mechanics of training to get the most benefit from your time.

While we aren’t experts on proper form while training, Rokform cases have helped many people at all levels improve their form. That’s why Breena Martinez, fitness model, UFC Gym Trainer, and four time IFBB Bikini Pro Champ always trains with her Rokform case, “Thank you @rokform for making it easier for me to record when I am training solo with my magnetic case.”


Get motivated

If you’re getting tired of your current workout routine, don’t worry. Get some much needed workout inspo by using your phone as a visual aid to guide you through new workouts. With a Rokform-mounted smartphone, it’s easy to try some new exercises out at the gym. Simply pull up your favorite fitness app or video, stick your phone on a magnetic piece of equipment, and work it out.  

Which fitness app is best?

There are plenty of fitness apps available for download. Some focus on providing comprehensive exercises routines depending on your fitness goals, while others give you just the nudge you need to get off the couch. It could be the competitive aspect of getting more daily steps in  than your sister, the feeling of joining a new community through app discussion boards, or maybe just the visualization of your fitness progress that keeps you going back to the app (and the gym). Regardless of what it is, it’s working! In fact, a recent study on fitness apps found that people with fitness apps were more active than non-users. So what are you waiting for?

We weren’t able to try them all, but we did find some of the most highly recommended apps. Our favorites: Couch to 5KNike+ Training ClubSworkitLift Log, and CycleCast. If you’re old school and prefer browsing some high quality workout articles, check out the comprehensive workouts provided on bodybuilding.com.

Focus on your workout

After all the great tips we just mentioned, it’s clear there’s one thing you don’t want your phone to do when you’re working out–get in the way. You can save yourself the hassle of dealing with where to securely place your phone during workouts with a Rokform case. And with your phone safely protected from the machines and heavy weights at the gym, you’ll be able to focus on getting the best workout in.

CrossFit Forest saw a client using his Rokform case at the gym and loved it so much they bought Rokform cases to protect all of the tablets at the gym. Pete Jones, Owner and Trainer at the CrossFit gym in Lake Forest, California, found the Rokform cases immediately solve a gym-wide issue: “We needed a way to protect [the iPads] and be able to station them throughout the gym without them being on the ground or susceptible to having a weight dropped on them. We attach [iPads] all over the place and feel like we’re able to keep them safe and protected from the ground, from having weight dropped on them.”

Closing workout inspo

So, there you have it. Use your phone to improve your timing, check your fitness form, get motivated, and focus on your workout. All Rokform cases are built to protect your phone and feature the great magnetic mounting feature we’ve been talking about throughout this article. Models from the Rugged SeriesFuzion Series, and Fuzion Pro Series have been constructed with high-quality aircraft grade aluminum and drop tested to exceed military standards, so you can rest assured your phone can handle any workout at the gym. Mounting cases are available for the most popular smartphone models, including the Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, Apple iPhone 7 (and soon the iPhone 8!). Shop the entire Rokform collection online and take your workout to the next level!