The 60/20/20 Rule for Staying Forever Fit.

By Wellness Warriors

June 16, 2017


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The 60/20/20 Rule for Staying Forever Fit.

My clients hear my mantra regularly; 80% of the time eat for energy, thriving and being good to your body and 20% is the fun, more indulgent food and drink. 80% alkaline forming foods (most vegetables and fruits), 20% acid forming (meat, grains, starchy vegetables, etc). So what’s the 60/20/20 you may ask? My clients also cleanse their body regularly – the Missing Link in the big nutrition picture and the 20% within 80/20 mantra that I more commonly talk about. Bodies get clogged over the years, the plumbing backs up (the colon), the pipes get weak and brittle (the Cardiovascular system), the filters get clogged with debris (the liver and kidneys). These systems all need some help to clear the garbage and simply put, work better! Cleansing accomplishes exactly that. Early in my health practice, my protocol was “cleanse twice a year; Spring and Fall”. In our toxic environment, that just scratches the service to keep dis-ease at bay – which is not living into Optimal Health. That requires more focus and diligence by cleansing safely and effectively over time until you have the energy you didn’t know you had until you feel a lightness you didn’t know you could ever feel. Then you are living the model of Forever Fit.

Joanne Mulhall
Wellness Warriors Nutrition Coach