The Benefits of a Professional Consultation

By Joanne Mulhall

October 17, 2018

Core Wellness Solutions

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When we start out on a health journey a.k.a. known weight loss, get in shape, DIET (Depressingly Intense Emotional Trauma!) program, we usually start with getting on the scale and do the “OMG I need to lose some weight” thing. The buck seems to stop there. We may have done it all before and some idea of what to do, or we have no idea what to do and decide to starve ourselves and begin some youtube work out program. STOP THE CRAZINESS! Nothing really helpful and long lasting ever started this way. This is where professional advice comes in and can save you an enormous amount of time, energy, money and frustration. As a certified professional; Eyologist, Nutritionist and very skilled at Life Coaching in general, I have at my disposal ways of 1) Assessing your overall health in the present state 2) 20+ years of knowledge and experience to evaluate and provide feedback on the assessment to help you understand some patterns of behaviour and tendencies of your overall physicality and metabolism. 3) the knowledge, experience and the tools, to put a plan in place to move you forward with your goal or goals and to achieve results that will last.

When you decide to embark on a wellness program on your own, ask yourself these questions?
1) How many times have I been here before?
2) Did I have any success with what I did in the long-term (because this is the most important point-if it’s not sustainable, then it’s not successful)
3) How much time, energy and money did I spend doing what I did and was it well worth it?

I offer a complimentary 20 minute consult here to anyone who would like to explore working with me.