The internet can be your guide not your Life!

By Bev Matushewski

April 20, 2017


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I have been one of the first users of the internet. We were an internet provider in Saskatoon and used dial-up. What amazes me is what the internet has become today. When I ask, “What is the internet?”, there is no real direct answer to this question. For me, it becomes everything: my store, my research, my new knowledge place, my place to learn about people in my community about anything. Youtube has been my training ground.

The internet has played a decisive role in the election of our leaders. It has opened up walls from hidden situations. It has given us a window to the universe. Today we can find anything and buy anything. It has changed our retail industry. I can review a product, get a video, demonstration and chat with users, read a review that I intent to buy without leaving my home. I can find ANYTHING. I can see my home from space. Information is at our fingertips, literally.

To learn more about your community, be part of a company that will help guide you to the expert in every community in which you live today. Learn about them before you decide anything.

Learn about your community today and make the difference in you today.