The Table of Love

By Terry Shea

February 22, 2017

Centre for Spiritual Living White Rock

Posted In: Spiritual Wellness, White Rock

Much of my meditation and contemplation recently has been about my childhood and and I have been reliving memories of my First Communion. This Ritual was, and I suppose still is, a big deal in Catholicism. It isn’t for nothing that the community of believers is referred to the Communion of Saints. I have recently been coming up with multiple memories of my childhood and all of them (ready for this?) happy, though to look at the 6 year-old in the picture you might be hard pressed to find much ”happy” in there. I can assure you though, my memories of that event are significant and I’ll share why on Sunday.
As you can see by the symbolism referred to in the following, the rite itself is an initiation into a community not only of belief but of action. The activity is love! These are the words to one of the prayers used in Catholic funerals:
”Our brother/sister ________ was nourished at the table of the Saviour (Love), welcome him/her into the halls of the heavenly banquet …”
Sitting down to eat has always been seen as an opportunity to deepen one’s connection; as a way to welcome a stranger; heal a misunderstanding, or ”comfort the afflicted.” We appear to naturally gravitate to images of banquets, shared meals and ”sit downs to eat” of various kinds as how we express love and connection … communion. It’s one of the reasons why we hold, as we are doing this Sunday, a monthly potluck. We like to celebrate our connection with one another by sharing a meal.
I know these reflections that are ongoing in my psyche are signs of how very aware I have become of the opportunity that I have enjoyed sitting at the Table of Love that this community has provided for so many of us. There is a reason why the 350 people on our mailing list do not want to be removed even if they no longer attend regularly or if it all. It is also one of the reasons why I wince when I get a notification someone has removed himself/herself from our mailing list. MY reaction is that I have ”lost” someone or that someone is now lost to me and that does not feel good.
MY focus in the lesson this week will be to underline the importance of our communion.
I have asked the Practitioners to prepare a special meditation/contemplation and I have invited Russell and Raven to prepare a special peace of music for us. Don’t worry I won’t be serving communion bread and wine. I leave you to provide the physical nourishment. My job has always been to give you a reason to come together, essentially for spiritual food. Your job is to come up with ways to share it, in community, with one another.