The Universe does Speak

By Bev Matushewski

December 27, 2016


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I have attended Terry O’Shea’s Sunday service for the past two years. It’s not often that I travel through such a series of emotions. The day before had been the anniversary of the passing of my father. Not only did the musicians play an amazing song, but the artist was one of a kind with soul reaching lyrics. That was timing!

Here is Michael Friedman’s response to my email:

“Thank you very much for your kind remarks! The song that I wrote for my father is called “New Year’s Eve” and is found on the album “Angst-Ridden Writer”. I have four solo albums in total. Three of them can be downloaded from iTunes. The fourth and latest album can be purchased from me directly – I have not set things up yet on iTunes for that album. The third song that I sang last Sunday is “The River” from my latest CD called “Random Acts of Tuning”. My website is:

If someone would like to contact me directly, they can email me at

I am very grateful for your interest in my music. Thanks again, Bev!

All the best,

Want to learn about Terry’s Wisdom? I highly recommend listening to this podcast. At the 22 minute mark on the podcast, I could not stop crying. The story he shared was what my dad was doing for me all the time.

Link the podcast and listen to: “To be born is to be Chosen.”

Life is good if you just listen!